Looking for a child therapist in your area? Sometimes, children are the hardest hit by life’s difficulties and there is a variety of issues that may lead to a need for therapy. There is also a range of different types of therapists, as well as counseling options providing custom therapy tailored to the needs of a child’s issues.

There are many different emotional and mental disorders that some children may face, and diagnosis and treatment options are also going to vary. In many cases children, through health insurance, Medicaid or by paying out-of-pocket can receive therapy from licensed, qualified therapists and get the help they need.

Why would a child need therapy?

Children may experience many issues which would cause the need for therapy. It is important that the child gets therapy as soon as can be arranged if they have been showing signs of mental distress for at least several weeks to a month prior to being evaluated. If there are acute symptoms such as eating disorders, thoughts of suicide, cutting or self-harm or talk of self-harm or a family history of mental health issues, the child may be at risk.

Other factors that may warrant a child seeing a therapist include but are not limited to changing schools or moving, parental divorce, a new sibling or the loss of a friend or loved one.

Different counseling options available

There are many causes of mental health issues, and many can be effectively treated with a wide range of types of counseling. Different therapeutic approaches that are evidence-based and are proven effective in many cases include: Play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, group therapy, behavior therapy, applied behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy and many more. Counselors explore different options and try different approaches to see which ones work best.

Different types of counselors

There are several types of counselors that provide therapy for children. These include but are not limited to school psychologists, child psychologists, psychiatrists, school counselors, licensed social workers and others who are licensed and are employed by schools, hospitals, clinics or have their own practices.

Does your child need therapy?

If your child is struggling and you are interested in speaking with a child therapist, we invite you to contact our office today for a consultation.

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