Executive Coaching

Today I want to give you three insights into some of the most common obstacles that will keep us stuck in our careers and prevent us from moving forwards towards a more positive situation. 

The first is simply a lack of clarity. We need to be able to gain radical clarity about what it is about our current position, our current company that is draining our energy or causing us to feel unsatisfied. Once you gain that clarity for yourself it can definitely become like a new North star that guides you forward. But unless and until you have that clarity it is hard to know which direction to organize your efforts in. 

Now the second very common obstacle is our own self-limiting beliefs. I have a spectacular client who is in a very challenging role but also a very miserable role. She’s not in a good place. She has a self-limiting belief that if she leaves her current company she will be bored and unchallenged in any other position. That is a fantastic example of what self-limiting beliefs do to us. She hasn’t done the research yet, she hasn’t looked or tried but those self-limiting beliefs will stop us in our tracks and oftentimes prevent us from trying. Until of course we identify them and recognize that they’re false.

Finally, the third very common career obstacle is our own insecurities. Insecurities crop up in different forms and they can sabotage our career success unless and until we identify our brand of insecurity and we learn how to better monitor for it and better wrangle it so that it’s not running amuck. For example, one form of insecurity is being controlled. An individual may intend to delegate more of their work to a direct report so that they’re less stressed out and more content only to find that their own controlling tendencies prompt them to take some of the work back or micromanage and get in the way of the plan. Those insecurities can come in a variety of different forms but it always benefits us to get to know what ours are and how we can short circuit them.