Executive Coaching

Executives and Entrepreneurs turn to Flourish to address:

  • The stress “The Great Resignation” has place onto leaders
  • Their confidence and skills as leaders
  • Relationship and communication challenges with key business partners
  • Insights into how they sabotage themselves
  • The challenges with their organization’s internal culture
  • Clarity to decrease burn out and navigate career transitions
We work with a number of both female and male leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners across a broad range of industries.

Most Executive Coaches have industry or organizational management experience with minimal exposure to psychology or the art of coaching others.  Angela Sasseville’s expertise is unique.  Her dual degrees in psychology and 19 years of experience as a mental health professional and a former employer of her own team empower her to:

  • Establish a powerful and confidential relationship with each client so they experience maximum benefits from their work with her.
  • Understand what her clients need in order to lower their stress and improve their personal well-being while strategizing with her about their professional challenges.
  • Recognize and skillfully dislodge them when they’re stuck so they progress steadily toward their goals.

“Angela says a lot of really powerful things to me that get me thinking.”

60 year old Former CEO of a $10 Billion annual revenue multinational organization

Our Executive Coaching approach is educational and action-oriented. Flourish Executive Counseling & Coaching is credentialed in a broad array of tools proven by research to be effective.  These tools quickly illuminate blind spots and empower clients with greater potential for meeting their desired outcomes.  Some of our contemporary methodologies include:

  • Our proprietary online classes and assessments give our clients access to new insights and tools.
  • Concierge Services give clients a high level of access to their coach when they need a soundboard the most.
  • Immersion Sessions provide maximum progress in a short period of time.
  • Emergenetics Assessments provide reliable data regarding strengths, deficits and communication break downs.
  • Flourish’s executive clientele are spread across the US. All services are available online via videoconference or in person.

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Key Facts for High Achievers Considering Flourish

Key Facts for High Achievers Considering Flourish

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The ROI on Executive Coaching & The Costs of Going Without It

The ROI of Executive Coaching & Costs of Going Without It

This free three-part email series contains downloadable leadership tools for your use.

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