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Coaching and counseling are two separate services provided to different separate groups of clients, based on what best suits each.

Our team is straight forward, directive and educational.

Which Style is Right for You?

Our team is straight forward, directive and educational.  We tell our clients what we’re thinking.  We’re compassionate but we also hold our clients accountable. Most of all, we love to teach our clients the tools and insights that will be beneficial on multiple occasions.  For example, we can help you understand how you could have handled this week’s argument with your partner better.  But while we’re at it, we’d like to teach you how you can handle every argument better. The “old school” model of therapy trained therapists to be passive with their clients, to do a lot of reflective listening, and to let their clients do 90% of the talking in session.  They would provide very little feedback and rarely tell the client what they were actually thinking.  As a Flourish client recently vented in frustration, “I worked with a therapist in a different city for years.  It wasn’t until my very last appointment with her that she finally told me what she had been thinking about my relationship patterns that entire time.”
If you prefer a passive approach, Flourish may not be the best fit for you.  We are great listeners.  We’re just not passive about moving our clients towards their goals.

Counseling & Coaching Services

Counseling Services

Excellence in Psychotherapy
Therapy offers a safe and productive space to talk about our most private challenges. But when done effectively, therapy is also so much more than that. Our staff is trained in the most effective forms of therapy available. they utilize the techniques that research studies have proven to be beneficial to clients. This allows our clients to learn solutions and insights that will assist them not just once, but that will be generalize-able and can be applied repeatedly throughout their lives. We offer daytime and evening appointments.
Counseling Services

Coaching Services

How is Coaching Different than Counseling or Therapy?
Coaching may be a good fit for you if:
  • Your focus is on your present-day circumstances and your future potential, not on the things that have happened in your past
  • You want to focus on identifying solutions to your situation
  • You’re ready to take action but need guidance in identifying where to begin
Coaching Services

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