Burn Out

Do your professional responsibilities feel unsustainable?

Lost your passion and energy for your role?
Find yourself taking stock of your career lately?
Do you believe there aren’t any easily accessible exits that could lead you easily out of your current predicament?

Burn out often leaves executives and founders feeling flat, worn out, or even trapped by their current circumstances. Some of our clients in burn out will need to create the clarity and courage to execute a massive change.  (Feel free to ask Angela about her personal experience with this back in 2020.) Yet many of our clients find that a radical change isn’t even necessary in order to become re-energized and to create clarity about a more sustainable (and more enjoyable) path forward.

Chances are a piece of your burn out is due to the accumulation of career stressors that you’re carrying around with you, largely unprocessed, and taking up too much space inside your mind.  Could you use a safe, knowledgeable sounding board to help you process and gain clarity on the patterns surrounding you?

Feeling more stuck than usual?  There’s also a likelihood that you’ve developed some distorted negative beliefs that you’re unconscious to (“I’m going to be passed over for the promotion.” “If I leave this org, I’ll never have it this good again.” etc.)  These negative beliefs drain your energy and prevent you from seeing all of the options in front of you.

Each of our client’s recovery from burn out takes a different direction, based on their unique circumstances and their career choices.  Yet every single one of them would tell you that they had too much at stake to try to do it alone.

The ROI on Executive Coaching & The Costs of Going Without It

The ROI of Executive Coaching & Costs of Going Without It

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