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Get Clarity (R) - An Operating System to SHIFT
$300 for 160 days

Taught by Certified SHIFT Faculty Member Angela Sasseville, this course includes:

5 Best Practices to channel your energy effectively
An 85-page workbook
One hour 45 minutes of educational videos
Attention & Choice Point Guide
Conflict Management for the Modern Workplace
$150 for 160 days

Time: 20 minutes

Learn what research reveals about the 5 different approaches to conflict and which are best suited for each circumstance.
Identify which conflict styles you prefer and which ones you under-utilize.
Gain insights into managing conflict and relationships effectively.
The Science of Emergenetics online class
$275 for 160 days

When individuals understand their innate strengths and those of their partners and colleagues, they can unlock strategies to strengthen communication, teamwork, productivity, engagement and fulfillment.

Review the seven Thinking and Behavioral Attributes revealed by research
Discover practical applications of Emergenetics concepts in their work life and relationships
Forge more effective ways of communicating with those who think differently than you
Relationships that Not Only Last but THRIVE
$300 for 160 days
This program contains:
7 Modules
120 Total video run time
60-page downloadable workbook
Families Under Financial Stress eBook

Families Under Financial Stress, by Angela Sasseville"Families Under Financial Stress" is a practical and timely guide that sheds light on the hidden impact of financial stress on families. Told through her personal story, Angela Sasseville shows how any stable family can become overwhelmed by life's events that can impair them financially but more importantly, emotionally. Bringing her knowledge as a therapist into this secretive problem, she has created a step-by-step guide to tackle stressors in new and healthier ways that will help families become emotionally, physically, and financially more balanced in sustainable ways." - Barb Maiberger, MA, LPC, Founder of the Maiberger Institute, author of "EMDR Essentials."

This PDF version of Angela's award-winning autobiography does NOT contain any videos. It's being re-released due to its resonance with couples & parents facing COVID stress.

PDF eBook Format