About Flourish Counseling & Coaching

The values that drive Flourish’s 5 star reputation:


Flourish’s greatest accomplishment is the positive reputation it’s earned from its clientele and the community throughout its 12 years in business.


By being forthcoming with clients about their challenges, the Flourish team earns their trust while being straightforward about the changes they recommend.


The majority of the techniques used at Flourish have been adopted from the nation’s premier psychologists and have been proven to be highly effective in research studies.

Flourish team members have an average of 17 years of experience.  Yet the practice still devotes 4+ hours a month to providing ongoing training and education.


Flourish uses modern strategies to empower clients, including coaching techniques, our proprietary curriculum with relationship tools, and the educational videos and homework assignments available to clients in the Coaching Portal.


Many households receive two services at Flourish simultaneously.  When these clients choose to authorize us to collaborate with one another, our team works together seamlessly on their behalf, providing a level of service that’s unparalleled elsewhere.


Flourish values giving back to the community through the scholarship program it offers to clients in financial need and the mentoring and training it provides to other therapists.


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