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Therapy and Coaching sessions are available:
  • In our Denver office
  • Online via video conference

Customize the Length & Frequency of Sessions to Fit Your Schedule

45 Minute Sessions:

A classic option  

Double Sessions:

2 back to back 45 minute sessions with a 15 minute break in between. A great option for motivated individuals who are ready to dive in & make positive changes.   Double sessions are also a highly effective way for couples & families to create more stability at home.      

Classes, Workshops & Empowerment Groups:

  Tap into our expertise on parenting, divorce, or empowering women. Learn more here.

Coaching Packages:

  • Parent Coaching – Save $135 on an 8 session package
  • Career Coaching – Save $130 on an 8 session package with the Emergenetics Profile
  • Freedom Coaching – Contact Angela for current package options

Counseling Packages:

  • Adults and couples can save $12 to $16 per session by purchasing a package
  • Engaged couples save $135 on an 8 session package of Premarital Counseling sessions
  • Parents can save $18 to $22 per session by purchasing the Rough Patch Package for their child or teen
  • Households receiving more than 1 service at Flourish can also split a package between their therapists
Ask your therapist for details.  Some restrictions apply.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Schedule a 25 minute consultation to make sure Flourish is a good fit for you.
If your household is NEW to Flourish, this is provided at no charge.
Busy schedule? Videoconferencing is also available.

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