Double Sessions

Get to the root of the matter.What are the Benefits of Double Sessions?

At Flourish, double sessions consist of two 45 minute sessions booked back to back, with a 15-minute break in between. The cost of double sessions is twice your normal session fee. 48 hours’ notice is required in the event of a cancellation.

Fit Appointments into Your Schedule More Easily

Fitting appointments into your schedule around work commitments, travel and childcare schedules can be challenging. Double sessions work great for motivated clients who wish to make fewer trips to our office while also making significant strides towards their goals. They put in twice the work when they’re here and often attend less frequently.

Maximize Support During an Intense Time

When you’re going through a difficult time or you and your partner are arguing frequently, double sessions are a way of bringing in some relief and stability when you need it most. Clients are welcome to do double sessions on a short-term basis and then return to single sessions once their stress has decreased.

Get to the Heart of the Matter

It’s common knowledge in our profession that the depth of the work being done in any session often increases as the session progresses and the clients are in the room longer. Research has proven that couples and families often have their most meaningful interactions with one another approximately 45 minute into the session, just as they’re running out of time for the day. Double sessions give these families time to continue the momentum and to build upon it before bringing their work to a close for the day. In short, they can be highly effective in helping couples and families to take big steps towards their goals.

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