Executive Coaching for Teams & Team Retreats

Are you passionate and driven but struggling to manage your organization’s growth effectively?

Is your company bogged down with internal challenges that are limiting results?

Or does the passion and mutual trust inside of your organization need to be re-established?

Change management has its challenges. Slow starts, lack of adoption, and no real change are often the result of efforts to shift an organization when approaching the goal without professional guidance. 

Expert Level Coaching

Executive Coach Angela Sasseville, MA has 19 years of expertise.  Her two degrees in Psychology provide her with intimate knowledge of common challenges among high-octane professionals, leadership teams, and entrepreneurships.

This allows her to deliver messages and methodologies that resonate deeply, ignite behavior change, and activate improved performance and over all organizational well-being.

She’s been interviewed by NPR’s Marketplace, Agenda Magazine, NOW on PBS, 9NEWS, and the Associated Press.

Angela Sasseville
“Angela is a pleasure to work with and an incredible resource.”
52 year old CFO of a Private-equity backed healthcare company

Executive Coaching Programs that Enhance Performance

Angelas work with her clients focuses on creating systemic change.  This provides new insights and new skills that improve relationships, enhance communication and team work, and contribute to organizational health.

Each of our organizational coaching programs include:

  • Assessments to immediately enhance self-awareness
  • Scientifically-based learning tools for professional development
  • Coaching sessions to identify key challenges and provide training
  • Integration of important objectives

Methodologies that Have Been Proven by Research to Be Effective

Angela delivers approaches that have been proven by research so that your team gains highly effective tools to improve performance and drive desired behavioral changes.

Her training in learning psychology empowers her to administer programs in a way your team/audience will understand and remember so they experience sustained change.

A few of our scientifically-based methods include: 

Creating a Positive Internal Culture Using SHIFT 

Conflict Management for the Modern Workplace: Assessment & Training

Positive Intelligence (R) to Enhance Team Performance and Boost Employee Mental Health

Upleveling Team Trust and Understanding Using the Science of Emergenetics 

Return on Investment

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted each year through misaligned, non-communicative teams, poor performance, and turn over. What would you invest to have a team that works well together and achieves all of your organizational goals?

A survey of 100 executives concluded that a company’s investment in providing coaching to its executives realized an average ROI of 5.7 times the cost of the coaching.

Those corporations received the following benefits:

  • executive productivity improvements (reported by 53% of executives)
  • organizational strength improvements (48%)
  • quality improvements (48%)
  • customer service improvements (39%)
  • greater retention of executives who received coaching (32%)

How We’ll Work Together:

  1. Discovery:  Identify the challenges your team is having and the goals you wish to set
  2. Tailoring: Angela will customize an experience designed to meet your group’s needs
  3. Assessment:  Key stakeholders will be consulted to identify core challenges
  4. Delivery: An online or in person workshop or retreat to apply the concepts in your training and deepen understanding of how to use the methodologies
  5. Follow up: To ensure your changes stick, a follow up session is set 30 days after program to assess implementation and additional needs. 

Contact us to schedule a complimentary consult to discuss your organization’s need

“Angela’s presentation at our women’s organization was profound!”
Aerospace professional turned entrepreneur

The ROI on Executive Coaching & The Costs of Going Without It

The ROI of Executive Coaching & Costs of Going Without It

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