executive counseling

Executive Coaching

We know from research that only 20% of individuals and teams actually meet their full potential.

So what drags everybody else down and prevents them from performing optimally? Sometimes it’s a lack of clarity and a lack of efficient processes but those are typically easy fixes. More often than not, the down-drag is created by each team member’s own negativity and insecurities. 

We’ve known for a long time now that negative thoughts inside our heads create emotional down drag. They produce negative emotions and negative energy, not to mention they cost us time. For every minute that I sit at my desk fuming about something that was said by the director of HR, well of course that’s a moment of productivity lost. But, new emerging research has told us exactly how damaging those negative emotions and insecurities are. 

For every single negative emotion your team members have they need to have 3 positive emotions just to balance out that one negative thought. Otherwise, when you are employing individuals who have more negativity than positivity you are constantly dealing with this down drag of their system. 

Now, fortunately, we have been able to develop tools that help us easily identify and capture each team member’s patterns and insecurities so that they can be interrupted. We’ve also developed highly effective tools that have been proven in research to help your team members improve their performance, manage their stress better, and become happier in the process. 

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