Relationship Advice

Right about now, a lot of relationships could use some fun and lighthearted strategies to give them a little boost, as we climb out of our houses and shake off the fog and the funk of the pandemic. Here are three proven strategies that come from the research based institute The Gottman Institute.

The first is to express fondness and admiration of your partner on a frequent basis. Thriving couples do this fluently. They genuinely respect each other, and they make a habit of letting one another know how special they truly are to them, and what a Rockstar they have been in their lives lately. The second strategy is to create shared meaning with one another. For example, my husband and I are flying out of town this weekend to visit family. It’s not about a trip for us. It is about the shared meaning where we overlap in our belief that family is important, and it’s something that we want to prioritize in our household. That shared belief helps us feel rather bonded with each other. The third strategy is to make life dreams come true together. Whether you want to hike every 14-er, visit every continent, or have more children. Whatever your life dreams are, when you pursue them with each other, it is highly connecting.

Couples Therapy

Have you been feeling like your relationship could use a boost? Have the never-ending months of the pandemic left you and your partner feeling less connected and more contentious with one another? Now may be a good time to consider couples therapy. In couples therapy you can learn more strategies to boost your relationship, such as the ones I just mentioned. Having a therapist to help you along the way is much more effective than simply reading about relationship strategies and attempting to put them into practice on your own. A couples therapist can provide psychoeducation about relationship strategies, and assist you in tailoring these strategies to fit your own unique relationship needs.

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