Relationship Coach

I’m here to give you and your partner an easy 4 step process that you can use at home for a meaningful and connecting year-end review of your relationship and what your household has been through in 2021. This is designed to be a dialogue in which you both comment on the following 4 things. 

Question number one: What do you want to acknowledge your partner for? What type of obstacles did they/your household encounter this year that is worthy of acknowledgment? 

Question number two: What specifically about your partner do you appreciate? What skill or gift did they bring to the table that you really value? 

Question number three: What do you need to apologize for? Whether it’s a recurrent challenge, a shortcoming of yours, or a specific event that happened, what is it that you need to take ownership of and apologize for so the two of you can more thoroughly put it behind you? 

Question number four: Your ask. What is it that you need to ask your partner to focus on in the new year? If they could focus on one singular thing, doing it differently, doing it better, doing it more often, what would it be that they can do to support you and your relationship?