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Executive coaching and executive counseling are similar professions that both help clients reach their full potential in the workplace. However, there are notable differences between the two professions, and understanding the difference can help you determine the more appropriate one for you or learn how to use them together in the most beneficial way.

Executive coaching and counseling: what is the difference?

Executive coaching and counseling are both great ways to improve professional skills and leadership abilities for executives who are in a leadership role and in charge of decision making. This review discusses the differences and similarities between the two professional approaches.

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching involves consulting services with a qualified professional designed to improve their performance in the workplace. Although every professional can benefit from executive coaching, it is primarily for executives and other high-ranking and/or high-potential employees within a company. Executive coaching largely involves setting goals in the workplace and helping executives establish a plan to reach their goals.

What does an executive coach do?

An executive coach works with executives and other employees in a leadership position, offering consulting and advisory services. The ways in which an executive coach helps a client are personalized and unique according to the specific challenges the client faces. However, some of the more common tasks include

What is executive counseling?

Executive counseling focuses largely on the overall health and well-being of the client in the workplace and beyond. When compared with executive coaching, executive counseling is less focused on specific business goals and more focused on the approach, mindset, and feelings that the client has in regard to their professional career.

What does an executive counselor do?

An executive counselor helps clients identify areas in the workplace that may cause them anxiety or hold them back from reaching their potential in the workplace or life in general and seeks to find a healthy mindset to assist the client in helping them to reach their professional goals. Similar to life counseling, executive counseling is to a large extent open-ended with no set criteria as to what must be discussed or accomplished during each session.

Executive coaching vs. counseling: which one is right for me?

Executive coaching and counseling are great ways to help achieve optimal productivity in the workplace, and they often go hand in hand to assist clients in the best way possible. However, in general, executive coaching is often preferable if the client simply needs to fine-tune their goals for the workplace, such as how to allocate their time and interact with their employees. Executive coaching takes a deeper look at why the client may be successful or have inefficiencies in the workplace to establish a healthier mindset.

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