Today, I want to teach you 3 qualities that are guaranteed to improve your relationships, whether it is your relationship with your beloved or with your coworkers, friends, and family.

#1 – Compassion

If you hear that someone else is going through a difficult time, compassion is always a beautiful quality to bring to the table as it will strengthen that relationship between the two of you.

#2 – Ownership

When there is stress surrounding an issue that needs to be figured out, ownership always feels good. If the person you’re in conflict with says to you, “You know what, I need to take accountability for____ in this situation.” That feels like a breath of fresh air! And similarly, you need to take ownership too.

#3 – Vulnerability

Vulnerability is context dependent. The level of vulnerability you’re going to display at work and in the board room is very different than when you are with your mom or talking to your partner. Most of us don’t love vulnerability, but if you find that you’re someone who really tries to steer clear of it, I’m going to invite you to come on in and do some work to get over that. When you can show up, and bring vulnerability into your relationships, it adds such depth and such richness to the dynamic that it forms this incredible cement between people. People like to be around other people who are willing to expose their flaws, and demonstrate their vulnerability because it gives them permission to be human as well!