Is it possible that you are less fulfilled than you have admitted to yourself?

Often times we really struggle to be honest with ourselves regarding how discontent we are because we don’t see an obvious solution.  Maybe in your marriage, you’ve been unhappy for a while but you don’t see a solution and when we don’t see another option another path forward, we try to fool ourselves that the status quo is really actually sustainable for us when that might not be true. The second thing that motivates us to be dishonest with ourselves about our stress and about our lack of fulfillment in life is when we feel handcuffed to a situation. 

Executive Therapy

I know a lot of clients who are completely stressed out and burned out about their jobs but they have some really beautiful gold plated handcuffs that keep things nice and shiny. It’s really hard to walk away from that and of course, in a marriage, it is really easy to feel handcuffed by the meaningful commitment that you made to that individual years ago even if you are now unhappy. If you have had trouble being completely honest with yourself about your lack of fulfillment in life, what if you could have faith that even though you don’t have the answers or solutions right now that you can obtain them? 

Executive Coach

If you don’t see a path forward well then by all means hire an expert, hire someone who knows more than you do, hire someone to give you some perspective so you can start identifying new solutions, new options, and get radical clarity for yourself as to whether or not keeping those handcuffs on is in your best interest. 

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