Independence or Inter-reliance – which of those two are you better at? In lasting fulfilling relationships it’s really important that we’re able to have both of those qualities and to able to keep them in balance in our relationship. We all need the ability to have some independence, a sense of ourselves, and a sense of autonomy, but we also need to be inter-reliant on our partners. If we don’t have enough independence, our partners can feel like we’re suffocating them quite honestly. If we don’t have enough independence in the relationship, it can lead us down the path where we get into some really unhealthy relationship dynamics that aren’t so sustainable.

Also, if we’re hesitant to be reliant on our partner that really limits how close we can get to them and it creates distance in the relationship. So, which one are you more comfortable with – independence or inter-reliance? If there’s one of those that you know you’re just not good at, well then get on in here. We have lots of tools and strategies to help with that.

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