Being a therapist during a pandemic means you don’t get to escape from COVID very often because at least three times a day clients are going to need to process how it’s impacting them and that’s the job. Then you have to go home and live it yourself and deal with how it’s impacting your own household.

Being a therapist during a pandemic also means inevitably during the day your client will say something that triggers you personally because you too are a human being having to live through this dumpster fire of a year only then you have to put on your professional composure and wait until you’re off the clock to have your own freakout moment.

Being a therapist in a pandemic means you get to peek into your clients’ homes for the first time and see what they look like and you get to meet their children and their pets which has been really very sweet.

Being a therapist in a pandemic means you are exposed to acute stress in the lives of people that you care about and quite honestly, it’s hard to be exposed to that much human suffering for such a prolonged period of time.

Yet being a therapist in a pandemic also means that you get to see what the human spirit is capable of up close and in a very personal way. You get to watch what grit and perseverance do to get your clients through the day. And very often it is your clients that are the most awe-inspiring part.

While it is easy for me to be appreciative of the therapists at flourish on any given day

Caitlin Ellis

Jaime Hansen

Marcilla Tims

Amy Couchman

This year, more than ever before I am profoundly grateful and proud of the impact that they have had on the community and the ways in which they have supported and uplifted the lives of all of our clients.

So, this Thanksgiving I am grateful for our team

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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