By now, many of you are preparing yourselves for holiday visits with parents, in-laws and other loved ones. Sure, you may value this time and be grateful that you’re able to spend it with the people you love. But then there’s the stressful part of these visits – that person or that family dynamic that often pushes your buttons. For some it’s the relative who drinks too much and becomes belligerent in front of the children as the day-long celebration wears on. Still others feel like a black sheep, returning home to a clan that doesn’t understand them. For others, it’s the biting words or lack of cooperation coming from their “ex” as the kids exchange homes amidst the buisness of the holiday season. Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s easier to LOVE someone than it is to truly ENJOY spending extended amounts of time with them. Unfortunately, you can’t control the behaviors of others. (Darn it!) However, YOU can always choose to handle the situation differently. And if YOU begin to respond differently, then the whole dynamic automatically changes.