This year I have the distinct honor of creating a powerful community of female business owners who are ready to level up their lives and level up their businesses. I get to be 1 out of 6 content experts who are participating in teaching an intensive 12-month group called the Academy of Women Emerging, specifically for female business owners. I wanted to share with all of you women out there the affirmation that we have for the Academy of Women Emerging because it’s pretty powerful.

The AWE Affirmation

I am a woman emerging, claiming my brilliance and boldly stepping forward to deliver my value, passion and genius. My presence is dynamic, and I am an extraordinary leader committed to conscious transformation and purpose filled living. I experience a happy, healthy, integrated life. Balance and harmony are the effects of my deep dive into living. Financial freedom and abundance out picture in every area of my life because I amclear that my destiny is to experience success and greatness.

It’s good stuff, isn’t it? If you’d like more information on the Academy of Women Emerging, CLICK HERE.