Today I want to talk to you about insecurities or lack of confidence because it is such a common challenge for so many people.

What Lies Underneath

When you advocate for your needs EVERYTHING changes!

Insecurities are rather heavy baggage to drag with us throughout our lives and our relationships. One of the most exciting things from my professional perspective is, it’s baggage that we can absolutely set down and leave behind us. It is something that is so treatable. Any time we work with someone to help them become more confident, we recognize that underneath all of their insecurities are a series of self-limiting beliefs. These beliefs are negative things that we’ve been holding to be true about ourselves. For example, maybe someone believes that “It’s not okay for me to ask my partner for more. I’m not really happy in my relationship, but it’s not okay for me to expect anything more.” That is a very common example of how insecurity might manifest in our relationship.

What Can We Do?

Well here’s the exciting thing about those self-limiting beliefs. Once we uncover them, we discover that they are all bold-faced lies. It’s always fun for us to get to work with folks to help them replace those lies that are holding them back and help them identify some new truths. These new truths are empowering to them and help them really grow their sense of self-confidence. So, if you have ever wondered – “Is it possible for me to become more confident and more secure in myself?” The answer is absolutely yes. If you have a willingness to do the work and you tap into the right guide with the right insights, you can absolutely leave that baggage behind you.

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