Are you finding yourself in need of more positive energy? Today I want to talk with you about harnessing your energy.

What the research says

We know from the research that your body actually has a natural propensity to drop into a drained and adrenalized state that’s going to exhaust you on a regular basis. More interestingly, did you know that there are a few strategies that you can unlock that will help you easily and effortlessly shift that? These strategies take your energy back up to a place where you’re feeling energized and inspired.

Our new SHIFT class

I am thrilled to announce that Flourish is now offering strategies and education on how you can harness the power of positive thoughts and positive energy to bring more powerful results into your life. This empowers our clients to discover a set of tools to help them dial in their energy to a preferred place where they would like it to be. A place where they are feeling full.

It also empowers them to not only attract other individuals who are also positive, but it gives them a better way of managing those times when we encounter those energy vampires in our life. Whether it’s that individual that you work with who’s the most difficult person in the office, or maybe it’s even an extended family member. This creates a powerful set of tools of how you maintain your own positive energy state even when you are around those individuals and are managing difficult interactions with them.

Stay tuned at for more information on SHIFT, this new class and offering.

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