Couples Therapy

The science of relationships & lasting intimacy

Are you feeling frustrated and stuck?

  • Do you two argue over little things only to feel distant and misunderstood when the issue goes unresolved?
  • Does your relationship feel unstable and uncertain following a loss of trust between you?
  • Are you unfulfilled by a lackluster sex life?
  • Does the relationship feel adrift now that the kids are leaving home?

Couples therapy can help you and your partner:

  • achieve deeper understanding of each other through unbiased mediation
  • improve communication, connection and intimacy
  • identify how your emotions and behaviors are interconnected to those of your partner
  • resolve the deeper issues causing conflict between you



There are only two types of couples therapy in the field that research studies have determined to be effective.

Flourish utilizes both of them

to swiftly and effectively move our couples out of frustration and into deeper understanding. 

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Couples Therapy for Executives & High Achieving Couples

Most couples therapists take a passive and unstructured approach to relationship challenges, which draws the couples therapy process out inefficiently while couples are still quarreling.  Flourish’s structured and fast-paced approach to relationship challenges is designed to swiftly reduce frustration and tension at home when you’re feeling misaligned and disconnected.  After all, the sooner the relationship is back on solid ground, the better.

Flourish’s unique approach to couples therapy is a good fit for:

  • Left brained individuals who benefit from concrete concepts
  • High paced (aka impatient) professionals
  • Clients who prefer a direct approach

Our Proprietary Curriculum

By investing 20 minutes a week into our proprietary curriculum, Relationships that Not Only Last But THRIVE, you can channel your motivation for change into beneficial tasks while using your time efficiently. The curriculum aggregates the research of the top 3 relationship experts and converts their key findings to actionable items including educational videos, assessments, and worksheets.

Intimacy & Synergy: A Special Program Exclusively at Flourish

Struggling with differences in libidos?

Need to enhance your chemistry in the bedroom?

Curious how you can become a better lover?

This proprietary program was designed to enhance intimacy in long-term relationships and to empower you both with possibilities.

Click here to learn more about this private series of sessions for you and your partner.

Intimacy & Synergy
Emotionally focused therapy for couples

“Scientists have cracked the code of love.  It is not a mystery anymore.  We understand it to the point where for the first time in human history, we can now intelligently shape our most important relationships.  THIS is a revolution.” – Dr. Susan Johnson, Emotionally Focused Therapy

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Since Flourish was established in 2005 it has been one of the most trusted resources for marriage counseling and relationship coaching.  In fact, few therapists have the couples therapy experience that Angela has acquired after specializing in relationship issues with high-achieving professionals for the past 19 years and spending 15 years training other couples therapists.  She channels that experience into her ability to stabilize relationships, to create deep connections with each partner, and to warmly nudge each of them into the growth and changes the relationship needs.

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The Developmental Stages of Relationships

The Developmental Stages of Relationships

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