Hot Monogamy™

Power tools to improve communication and intimacy.
This series is designed to create the passion that makes relationships thrive and take your relationship to a new level of intimacy and connection! Created by Dr. Pat Love and Kathleen McFadden, Hot Monogamy is a highly rewarding investment in your relationship. It’s an unparalleled program for couples who feel their relationship is solid and want to tap into its full potential – both sexually and emotionally. Most importantly, the two of you will learn what each other needs in each of these areas to put the excitement back into your loving relationship. Couples discover:
  • Powerful tools to improve their communication skills.
  • How physiological responses to your partner change over the years and learn what you can do to create chemistry.
  • The secrets to achieving harmony when one partner has a higher sex drive than the other.
  • Why emotional connection may be a prerequisite for your partner to be interested in physical intimacy.
  • What it takes to achieve and maintain pure passion.
Couples do NOT have to discuss the explicit details of their physical intimacy with anyone but each other. The therapist does the majority of the talking, teaching couples about each of the 9 areas. Couples then complete related discussion assignments at home in complete privacy. The Hot Monogamy™ program is relevant for couples of all sexual orientations and LGBTQ couples are always welcome at Flourish.

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