LGBTQ Communities

We are committed to supporting the LGBTQ community

Flourish Counseling & Coaching supports the LGBTQ community

Flourish Counseling & Coaching can help you find an affirmative and informed environment to address the challenges of dating and relationships, such as:
  • Learning how to shift the patterns in your life that no longer serve you
  • Finding a safe space to heal the wounds of discrimination and unsupportive family members
  • Creating a stronger sense of self-love, acceptance and pride
  • Exploring gender identity issues and receive educated support on transitioning
Equality is for Everyone!
All of our team members are committed to supporting those in the LGBTQ community and are proud to provide safe, respectful and culturally-informed therapy. Our team members have spoken at the The Center, at Rainbow Alley and remain allies for equality within the community.
Our society has created and enforces “norms” that one is “supposed” to follow. These norms, however, can inhibit happiness and create stress when they exclude your gender identity or sexual orientation. We work with our LGBTQ clients to assist them in expressing themselves, to navigate their way through their communities, and to heal the wounds created by the lack of acceptance.

We support a ban on “conversion therapy”

Sadly, not all mental health providers are affirmative advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.  In the state of Colorado, it is still legal for therapists and coaches to practice the quackery of “conversion therapy” – a non-scientific and psychologically harmful treatment that claims to convert the client to become straight. Such inexcusable practices clearly violate the mental health ethical code of “Do no harm to your clients.”  The team at Flourish would like to see this practice outlawed.  We terminated our longstanding relationship with Psychology Today when it insisted on including “Conversion Therapists” on its national database of real mental health practitioners.  In the spring of 2015, our Executive Director testified in front of the Colorado state senate in support of outlawing the practice of “Conversion Therapy” on minors.  The conservative majority on the Senate voted that bill down.  But we haven’t given up.
See what the White House has to say about the need for our nation to evolve on this issue:

See the Flourish Blog for our professional position on LBGTQ issues:

Help Us Outlaw “Conversion Therapy”