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Receive Coaching or Therapy Online

It’s become common place to conduct coaching & therapy over the Internet using a video conferencing service like Skype. Clients and professionals alike find online services to be every bit as productive as in person services for most, but not all, situations.

The Pros

  • Video conferencing is convenient, time efficient & environmentally responsible. Not only does it eliminate the need to get to our office, it also saves our clients time and reduces the amount that they have to drive.
  • Online sessions actually fee more comfortable to some clients.
  • Receiving support online allows discerning clients to access specialists whose expertise is a great fit for their goals, regardless of geographic location.

The Cons

  • All forms of coaching work well online. However, not all forms of therapy are appropriate for online services.
  • Some clients feel more comfortable meeting in person.

The Caveats

If you are billing your insurance provider or another third party for therapy, online therapy may not be considered a covered service by your claims payer. Coverage for in person therapy does not guarantee coverage for online therapy.

Residents of California, New York, New Jersey and Ohio are not eligible for online services with our staff due to laws passed by these 4 states.

Clients who are within driving distance are asked to meet with us in person in our office for their initial consultation.

Preparing for Your Online Coaching Therapy

If you would like to take advantage of the convenience of meeting through video conferencing online, the therapists at Flourish Counseling can meet with you through Skype. Here’s what you will need:

Web Cam

You will need a built in or external web cam with a microphone. Many later generation computers and smart phones already have a video camera and microphone build right into them. In this case, Skype will work with them automatically and you don’t have to do anything to set up the video capability of your computer.

Fast Internet Connection

The other thing you will need is the fastest internet connection possible. You will have the best results with Skype if you bypass your wi-fi and plug your Ethernet cable directly in to your computer.


Skype works with both Mac and PC computers and devices, provided that you have a fast internet connection (i.e., cable or DSL). To get started with Skype you’ll go to (or use the link below) and download the Skype application (for free) onto your computer or smart phone, and the program will walk you through the process of setting up a user name, and checking to see if your audio, video and internet connections are set up properly.

Your therapist can be found at the Skype name “FlourishCounseling(TheirFirstName)”. Please add them to your list of Skype contacts and provide your therapist with your Skype name prior to your first online session.

At the time of your scheduled appointments you will simply change your Skype account status to “online” (using the cloud shaped icon in the top left corner) and your therapist will be online waiting for your video call. Click on their contact to initiate your “Video call”. From then on it will be just like any other therapy session.

Here is a link to Skype’s video calling service where you can learn more from them and download the necessary software:

Confidential Surroundings

Last but certainly not least, interruptions and distractions work against getting the maximum benefit from your sessions. You will get the most out of your videoconference sessions when you recreate the conditions of our office:

  • Ask others not to interrupt you during your session time
  • Secure a private room where you know your confidentiality will be protected and no one will walk in and/or lock the door
  • Turn off telephone ringers, televisions, and any other distractions
  • Secure childcare for your children during your online session so that you can focus on your session and not be forced to stop mid-thought to accommodate interruptions

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Busy schedule? Videoconferencing is also available.

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