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Couples Therapy

A relationship that thrives and does not just survive

It was Aristotle who wisely stated that “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” Happiness is usually the life goal that everyone strives for, next to prosperity, a nice house, a wonderful spouse, a perfect job and so on. For many people, being in a romantic relationship is the epitome of a happy life. However, the image of loving bliss falls away once both partners begin to invest more into the relationship. Suddenly, the relationship almost seems to require hard work to understand each other and find that happiness again.

Enhancing the quality of life in a relationship

Given how movies paint a picture of marriage being the happy ending in a large portion of films, people may think that it will be mostly smooth sailing after beginning a relationship. The truth of the matter is that all relationships require work from both partners. In many cases, the happiness a couple wants may not be as easy to obtain due to speed bumps in their relationship and misunderstandings between each other.

For couples in need of therapy, Flourish Counseling and Coaching is available to help couples work through any speed bumps in their relationships. One such method for couples therapy that Flourish Counseling and Coaching uses to help couples is Emotionally Focused Couples therapy. A form of effective therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy has been found to help couples recover their relationship while also helping couples thrive in happiness together.

A study published in 2015 by Khodabakhsh Ahmadi, Ph.D., and other colleagues, explores Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, titled “The Effectiveness of Emotionally Focused Therapy on Enhancing Marital Adjustment and Quality of Life among Infertile Couples with Marital Conflicts.” The study was published online in the International Journal of Fertility and Sterility, available to read at The study finds that emotionally focused couples therapy “had a significant positive effect on marital adjustment.”

Out of 30 participants, 86 percent experienced marital satisfaction, 93 percent had physical and psychological health benefits and 87 percent experienced affectional expression. The study concludes that “The present study showed that EFT-C significantly increased satisfaction, cohesion, consensus and affection expression of the partners.” Overall, this is one form of therapy that can help couples reach a more stable level of relationship and increase intimacy.

Truly thriving in life together

Every relationship will have misunderstandings from time to time. With these misunderstandings, a third party may need to be able to offer professional and neutral insight into the situation. However, merely having a friend or relative try to pick which partner in the relationship is right will not necessarily ensure a future where the relationship can truly thrive.

At Flourish Counseling and Coaching, we offer our exclusive curriculum from the Executive Director, Angela Sasseville. The curriculum is a series of brief videos and homework assignments that empower motivated clients to take positive action between sessions. Along with the regular sessions, couples will be able to sort through all speed bumps in their relationship and find better methods for getting through it.

As with the study above, the participating couples experienced improvement in every aspect of their relationship after the therapy. There is no secret food or trick to making a relationship constant wonderful bliss. However, there are methods through therapy that can help couples learn to create and thrive in a positive relationship.

Too often, couples will attempt to resolve disagreements on their own. While this is not impossible for a couple to do this, it can become difficult if there are multiple disagreements over a period of time. If a relationship begins to feel unstable or both partners seem to argue over little things all the time, then couples therapy may be the solution. If you or a loved one feels that couples therapy may be the option for you, call and schedule a consultation today.

Flourish Counseling and Coaching

At Flourish Counseling and Coaching in Denver, CO, we offer a variety of therapy methods to patients. Our methods include couples therapy, marriage counseling, child and family therapy, relationship coaching, parenting advice, treatment for depression and more. We understand that no patient is exactly the same and we can adjust our counseling to a patient’s needs.

Every relationship can reach speed bumps in life that are difficult to overcome without extra assistance. We can help a couple to rekindle their relationship and do more than simply last but thrive together. Call and schedule a free and short consultation to see if Flourish Counseling and Coaching is a good fit for you.

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