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Marriage Counseling

Marriage may not start out as great as some think

Marriage is much more than a perfect life with a house and a white picket fence somewhere that’s green. There is no guarantee that everything will go picture perfect after the reception. In many cases, there will be all forms of speed bumps in the road even starting as the runaway couple hitches a ride on a bus. Marriage is not just a blessed arrangement that brings people together or a dream within a dream, but a journey with ups, downs and multiple chances for arguments along the way.

Nothing starts out perfect

For anyone who worries that his or her relationship is not healthy and feels embarrassment at it, there is no reason to be embarrassed. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC finds that in 2014 there were over 2 million marriages, the CDC also finds that there was a 3.2 percent divorce rate per 1,000 population. A relationship with tension and other speed bumps is not uncommon or something that needs to end.

Each situation is unique and does not have a single solution to make everything better. However, the couple can begin marriage counseling to explore what went wrong and how to re-develop a relationship that is long-lasting. Couples who feel frustration in their relationships and do not feel the same closeness they used to have will greatly benefit from professional help.

In many cases, couples who are experiencing disagreements in marriage may believe the myth that the first year of marriage or the honeymoon phase is the best year they will ever have together. This is not only false but is the opposite of the truth. A 2012 survey from the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index, available on, finds that “people married for less than a year have lower levels of wellbeing than people in any other year of marriage.”

With these results, it was found that “Satisfaction with life bounces back in the second year of marriage and is maintained at a high level throughout the length of the relationship, whether for four years or 40.” For couples who are struggling in their marriage, counseling will be an effective way to help work toward a happier and healthier relationship.

Rebuild a relationship through marriage counseling

At Flourish Counseling and Coaching, we offer an exclusive curriculum program to help couples reach a better relationship through marriage counseling. The program teaches couples how to improve their:

  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Intimacy

The program has clients use the time in-between sessions to work on assignments and watch brief educational videos on strengths and deficits of the relationship. For marriage counseling, it is important that both partners are willing to receive treatment. When a couple runs down the aisle, life together may seem so simple and bright. However, the couple begins to realize that life will always have complications and that relationships will not be perfect bliss for life.

A married couple may find that each day, they fall into the same harmful patterns and disagreements that neither of them wants. Attempting to work through these struggles on one’s own or by merely calling a friend may not remedy the situation, but only abate the symptoms for a bit. With this in mind, marriage counseling at Flourish Counseling and Coaching will lead to a better relationship. At flourish Counseling and Coaching, the exclusive curriculum helps couples to create a thriving relationship instead of one that merely lasts.

If you or a partner feels that marriage counseling will help to rebuild your relationship, then call and schedule a free consultation. This short consultation at Flourish Counseling and Coaching will help you decide if marriage counseling is a great fit and a positive decision for your relationship’s future. Do not hesitate to call today to begin the path to a brighter and healthier future together.

Flourish Counseling and Coaching

At Flourish Counseling and Coaching in Denver, CO, we offer a variety of therapy methods to patients. Our methods include couples therapy, marriage counseling, child and family therapy, relationship coaching, parenting advice, treatment for depression and more. We understand that no patient is exactly the same and we can adjust our counseling to a patient’s needs.

Every relationship can reach speed bumps in life that are difficult to overcome without extra assistance. We can help a couple to rekindle their relationship and do more than simply last but thrive together. Call and schedule a free and short consultation to see if Flourish Counseling and Coaching is a good fit for you.

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The Developmental Stages of Relationships

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