Executive Coaching

Here at Flourish Counseling, we offer specialized executive therapy and executive coaching services. These services are offered in a concierge format, specifically tailored to each unique individual. There are many important questions we address in executive coaching. Among other things, we ask questions about how you are perceived at work. Some of the questions include: Do you know how other people perceive you? Do you like the perceptions that they have? In both our personal and professional environments, it is often our behavior that plays a critical role in the perceptions that other people form about us. The things that we are good at and the things that we are passionate about may make a smaller impression than the way we behave in the room. As individuals we each possess are own unique blend of behaviors. There are three different continuums that we look at.

The first is our individual level of assertiveness versus peacekeeping. The second is our own individual level of expressiveness versus being reluctant to speak up. The third is flexibility versus rigidity. Where we land on each of those continuums gives us a lot of information on how we come across to others. If you lack clarity on how you are being perceived, it can hamper your success especially in situations where first impressions are crucial. This is true for networking, job interviews, and even first dates.

When my clients are looking for additional insights into themselves, and additional ways that they can improve and enhance their interactions with others, one of my go-to strategies is an assessment called the Emergenetics profile. It gives powerful feedback and insights into how my clients can adapt their approach so that they come across as even more likeable, and ergo, even more successful in forging those relationships.

Career Coaching for Professionals

If you are experiencing stagnation or roadblocks in your work life or career, it may be time to look into career coaching. With an executive coach, you can explore aspects of personality and how they impacts your work life, in order to meet all of your career goals. Please consider reaching out to our Executive Coaching program at Flourish Counseling.

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