The Emergenetics® Profile

The Seven Attributes of Self-Awareness

When you know who you are, your world opens up. The Emergenetics® Profile is the only assessment in the industry that reveals Thinking and Behavioral insights, empowering individuals with an understanding of their strengths and an appreciation for the benefits of cognitive diversity. People can communicate more effectively, teams can work together more productively and organizations can build more engaging, high-performing cultures.

What can you gain from taking the Emergenetics Profile?

Self-awareness is the strongest predictor of overall success in the workplace according to Green Peak Partners and Cornell University. The Emergenetics Profile is a powerful first-step in achieving your vision for your future whether that includes:

Strengthening individual performance

Working more productively with teams

Building better relationships with those around you


Thinking Attributes


Interest in logic, data and understanding the reasoning behind things


Interest in process, rules and guidelines


Interest in working with and through others


Interest in the big picture, vision and new ideas

Behavioral Attributes



The outward display of emotions toward others and the world-at-large


The style and pace with which you advance thoughts, feelings and beliefs


The willingness to accommodate the thoughts and actions of others

Who should engage in Emergenetics?

This tool is ideal for individuals and couples interested in:

• Gaining self-awareness
• Understanding their strengths
• Discovering the importance of cognitive diversity

Emergenetics is most useful for companies, teams, community groups or families who would like to learn to better communicate, work together more effectively and build positive relationships.

A valid, reliable assessment

The science behind the Emergenetics Profile opens doors to new and unexpected ways of understanding yourself and interacting with others. Backed by significant research that has been regularly revalidated over the past 30 years, our assessment delivers consistent results that reflect the population of our increasingly global world. Our Profile meets the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing and maintains strong test-retest validation.

Discover more about the Emergenetics Profile and how to apply it’s findings to support your goals.

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The ROI of Executive Coaching & Costs of Going Without It

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