I’ve got two questions for you today.

1. Where in your life would you like to show greater character?

When we show character, we are embodying the values and virtues that we say are most important. In those moments, we are being the person that we have said we want to be. So in your life, where would that be? In the office? In your moments of frustration with your kids? When your partner is upset with you? Maybe it’s in your relationship with alcohol or how you interact with your mother. This leads to my second question…

2. If you showed more character in that situation, what would you be doing differently?

Showing character allows up to tap into that deep, quiet, and content feeling when we are in integrity with ourself. Life blows a storm our way, but we end the day feeling really good about how we weathered the storm and how we interacted with the other people in it with us. And, it’s going to be important, if there’s an area in your life that needs more character, that you not only set an intention, but that you put some action behind that intention as well. Check out our latest online class, Get Clarity┬«: SHIFT, which can teach you about how to set energetic intentions that fuel.