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Whether it is your colleagues at the office or making and establishing friendships that will stand the test of time or becoming a better significant other at home there are certain common elements that will get you great relationships time and time again. 

Really, people who build those secure and lasting bonds with others all tend to possess emotional maturity. 

Now, there are 4 key ingredients that go into being an emotionally mature individual. The first is self-awareness- You have to have a healthy level of introspection and inner dialogue with yourself so that you are aware of what’s your stress level like today? Are you still bothered by a comment someone made in yesterday’s board meeting? If so, why? Self-awareness promotes maturity. 

The second key ingredient is self-control. We need to be able to hold back when we are hot under the collar and we need to be able to recognize when we should or shouldn’t say anything. Of course, you can start to see how self-awareness and self-control go hand in hand in supporting one another. 

The third ingredient is self-confidence. The good news is no matter what your level of confidence in yourself is at this moment, it can always be increased and augmented with the right effort and the right support. 

Fourth, we need to be able to self-advocate. Emotionally mature individuals do not avoid conflict y’all. Conflict avoidance is very often times dysfunctional. Self-advocacy is the ability to step up to the table and let someone else know that something isn’t working for you or that something they did hurt your feelings and to be able to air it out so that you can mend the relationship and go back to allowing the relationship to progress and evolve over the course of time. 

There they are, the four secret ingredients to becoming more emotionally mature and having greater and greater relationships.

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