I wanted to check in with you all this week and find out, how much fondness and admiration do you have in your life? Could you use a little bit more?


Fondness and admiration are those sweet qualities that feed us. Whether it’s a relationship with a significant other, a best friend, or even a grandparent, fondness is that underlying friendship underneath the relationship. It’s liking someone and really liking how they show up in their life.


Admiration is that ability for us to really see them for who they are and to acknowledge where someone else really shines.

All thriving relationships have a good healthy dose of fondness and admiration. Often times, when couples are struggling it’s because there is not enough and because the friendship that is at the base of their romantic relationship needs to be built up. More fondness and admiration needs to be bolstered, so they like each other again.

Remember, fondness and admiration are things that always feed any relationship that we’re in. They are qualities that help us achieve true emotional intimacy and connection with others.

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