Executive Therapy

If there has been tension and challenges at home with you and your partner, then it’s probably time for you to learn about the most common place where couples get stuck. 

Where one partner takes on the role of a critical pursuer, wanting a lot of attention but filing a lot of complaints when they’re not getting it. Then the other partner very often is stuck in the role of an emotional distance. someone who is emotionally unavailable and disengaged far too often. 

Neither of those positions is ideal. Neither of them is sustainable indefinitely so when a couple gets stuck in those two rigid positions which happens all the time what is happening is there’s an opportunity and a need for both of those partners to shift and grow and learn better communication skills so that they can each become more securely attached to one another. 

That is the golden promise land where we all will it be in our relationships securely attached means connected, understood, and knowing that it’s safe to be vulnerable and open up to one another. it’s the ooey-gooey stuff that we all crave. 

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