We have made it 259 days through the pandemic. When I think about how social I am, and how few people I have actually gotten to see in person lately, I have to give myself some credit. I hope that there is something that you can give yourself some credit for as well! The virus is blowing up exponentially, our medical system is getting overwhelmed again, schools are shutting down and new restrictions are in place. That means anxiety and depression are once again on the rise.

Today I really want you to think about creating an action plan for your own wellness over the next few months, because I think it’s time to implement it. Now is a time for grit and perseverance, and to really prioritize our own mental health. In the words of the late, great Stephen Covey: “Highly effective people postpone what they want for right now, for what they want later on in life.” I feel like a lot of us have been doing that quite a bit in 2020. That comes up time and time again when it pertains to developing and maintaining healthy habits in 2020, so that we can be the kind of person and have the kind of life we want to have in 2021. A lot of people are really going to be hurting next year, even after we have a vaccine. There will be those people who have endured incredible amounts of trauma and loss outside of their control who will be hurting. I also think there will be a second cohort of people who will also be in a fit state. Those are the people who simply did a poor job of taking care of their emotional needs now, during these dark winter months. For those folks, I want to encourage you: Now is the time to get a therapist. Who would not benefit from having a therapist during a pandemic? Now is the time to learn tools to monitor your thoughts so that you can decrease your depression and anxiety. Now is the time to have your own, crystal clear, set of rules that you follow when it comes to your relationship with alcohol and other substances. And now is definitely the time to force yourself to get yourself outdoors and stay physically active. You need those endorphins!

So, what is your mental health plan, and how soon can you roll it out?

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