Lifting the Fog of Major Transitions

Today I want to talk about the fog and absolute lack of clarity that we all experience when we are going through a massive transition like a significant career change or a significant relationship shift. When things are going well in our life we tend to experience just intrinsic fulfillment from the ways in which we are investing our time. Fulfillment is like this slow, IV drip of feel-good chemicals that we all love to experience non-stop. The fulfillment that’s there also reinforces our sense of identity as a leader in your company or a role in a relationship with your spouse for example. 

Then when things are not going well, fulfillment is often rather low and if we’re considering making a significant change our sense of personal identity often feels like it gets lost in a fog along the way. It becomes really clear, who will I be without that love of my life, who will I be if I’m not in this professional role. That fog can feel even denser if you are experiencing changes in your professional identity simultaneously with a significant shift at home.

That lack of clarity and loss of the old can feel disorienting and it often sends us into our own existential questioning. We find ourselves asking things like “what do I care about now?” and “what are things that I honestly don’t care about anymore?” Amidst all of the fog is an incredible opportunity to redefine your purpose and to redefine what you are here for/ what you are not here for. And to create a new sense of identity amidst the massive change. 

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