Today I want to talk to you about one skill that you absolutely have to have in order to be as fulfilled as possible in your life, in your relationship, or in your career. That skill is the ability to introspect.

How it’s empowering

Introspection is that process in which we create an internal feedback loop and we ask ourselves questions like, “How am I, really?” “How is my relationship?” “What’s working there and what’s not working?” “Am I happy in this job or do I want to find a new one?” Those types of questions where we’re checking in on ourselves. It’s introspection that creates insight into the things that we may want to change in our lives. In that regard, it’s very empowering.

What happens when we don’t introspect

Without introspection, we are going to lack awareness. That tends to cause us to start sleep walking through our own lives. We won’t feel clear on why we’re stressed out or discontent, but we may just keep waking up and doing it all over again every morning without having the insight about what needs to change.

A starting point for fulfillment

Introspection in and of itself is not a guarantee of leading a happy and charmed life. However, it is where empowerment starts and where our choices start being revealed to us and we start recognizing what we may need to take action on. To not have introspection is pretty much a guarantee to have some level of malaise or lack of fulfillment in your life. Some of the most depressed, disempowered, and unhappy people that I know are the people who do the least amount of introspection. The ones who wake up every morning, do it all over again, and fail to ask themselves, “Is there anything about this that I need to change?”

Create a ritual

If you feel like you’re not someone who introspects very much, I would encourage you to create some type of introspection ritual. Some kind of routine that will remind you to sit down, contemplate, and check in with yourself again. That might be a morning meditation practice, perhaps once a week you go hiking and take a journal with you. Maybe you participate in coaching where there’s a tremendous amount of introspection used, or maybe you have a good juicy dialogue with a friend of yours who is particularly insightful. Whatever it is, finding a way to schedule it in with regularity will support you in developing more self-awareness.

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