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Relationships that Not Only Last but THRIVE

This program contains:

7 Modules
120 Total video run time
60-page downloadable workbook

Relationships that Not Only Last But THRIVE: A Curriculum for Couples & Individuals.

By investing 20 minutes a week into this curriculum, you can channel your motivation for change into beneficial tasks while using your time efficiently. The curriculum contains 32 actionable items consisting of educational videos, assessments, and worksheets. Created by Flourish President Angela Sasseville, LPC, it’s full of tools and insights that have been proven by research to be highly effective and relevant by the top leaders in relationship psychology.

The program converts right-brained relationship concepts, that can be abstract at times, into practical tools and checklists that resonate with concrete thinkers and left-brained individuals. It provides improved clarity and language around the issues you’ve been sensing but couldn’t articulate before. It’s the perfect supplemental tool for any couple or individual who’s working on improving their relationship through therapy.

Loving and tender couple in love. Couples therapy.