After doing this work for the last 15 years, there are some times of year that I can always predict everyone’s stress levels will be abnormally high. And that’s happening right about now

It always hits before the holidays do so I want you to start thinking about your stress level as existing on a 0 to 10 scale. If you’re living on a daily basis around a 7, 8, 9 or 10, you’re going to be more irritable with your co-workers, more reactive with your partner, and less patient with your children. We can see it manifesting in all these negative ways.

So if this resonates with you, first and foremost, the thing that I want you to do is find something that you can do once a day that can take your stress level down at least one notch. For most people, what works best is to get outside and get their body moving. I don’t care if you don’t have time for a 60 minute workout like you normally prefer. Walk around the block at the end of a stressful day to decompress one notch before you settle indoors for the evening. Remember that you’re the only one who can bring it down a notch, and getting your body moving, even if just for a snippet of time, can do more than we often give it credit for.

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