Flourish Counseling & Coaching, LLC, is a 13-year-old private practice in Denver. Flourish specializes in empowering professionals, their relationships, and their families. The majority of our clients are dynamic, high functioning, and highly educated. Flourish is sought out for its specialty in couple’s therapy. All of our services are provided on a self-pay basis.

Flourish is located in a beautiful Victorian building in the historic Highlands neighborhood. The practice operates from a systemic perspective and focuses on attachment work including EFT. Flourish values the ongoing evolution and wellness of our therapists/coaches, as well as of our clients. It promotes warmth, humor and collegiality amongst its team members. The internal work culture embodies trustworthiness, mutual respect, self-motivation, healthy boundaries, and positivity.

The externship is an incredible opportunity for an unlicensed clinician to gain supervision hours and experience in a private practice setting and to learn the skills and strategies that are imperative to working with high functioning clients. The externship is designed to be a minimum of 2-year training program chalked full of incredible clinical supervision and training to assist therapists in achieving licensure. Externs are employees of Flourish and, as such, have incredible access to employment opportunities after licensure.

Professional Requirements:

• A Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education or a related mental health field is required.

• Must be actively pursuing licensure in the state of Colorado.

• Completion of a 150-hour Practicum and a 600-hour Clinical Internship is required.

• Registration with DORA as an unlicensed psychotherapist is required.

• Experience in the mental health profession is strongly preferred.

• Education, training and/or experience providing couples therapy is strongly preferred. A willingness to provide couples therapy and conceptualize clients systemically is mandatory.

• Must commit to building up to a 21 hour per week commitment.

• All employees must sign a Restrictive Covenant Employment Agreement and agree not to engage in another private psychotherapy practice or coaching practice within 8 miles of Flourish.

Personal Requirements:

• Must possess high standards for the quality of work that they provide, have a diligent work ethic, be highly professional and have excellent organizational skills.

• Must consider the client-therapist relationship an honor and deeply respect others. Those who believe they are superior to their clients need NOT apply. Must also value harmonious and authentic work relationships and display maturity in interpersonal relationships. Those interested in internal organizational drama or workplaces with poor boundaries need NOT apply.

• Flourish values diversity among its team members and members of minority groups are encouraged to apply. Spanish/English bilingual skills preferred. All contractors must value and honor diversity of gender, ethnicity, culture, spiritual beliefs and sexual orientation.

• Must be motivated to make money, eager to learn how to become a successful business person and able to be assertive and directive with clients.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

• Must be available to work Monday and Wednesday 2:00 pm – 8:00pm every week (in addition to offering AM or mid-day appts on Mondays, Wednesdays). Will also see clients on Friday mornings from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm. *Please note that due to limits in available office space, Flourish can NOT offer much flexibility with this schedule.

• Will provide psychotherapy to your own Flourish clients in our northwest Denver location.

Compensation & Supervision Hours Provided:

The biggest benefits of this position are in the robust and high-quality supervision and training the extern will receive, valued at $760 per month:

• 1 hour per week of individual supervision toward licensure.

• 1.5 hours per month of group supervision toward licensure.

• 2.5 hours per month of team trainings.

Externs are employees of Flourish who receive an hourly stipend, commissions, and 3 weeks of Time Off each year. All employees begin with a 90-day Probationary Employment Period.

Team Information:

Flourish is owned and operated by Executive Director Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC. Angela was voted “Outstanding Graduate” by the Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education Program at UCD in May 2005. She’s a noted public speaker, a faculty member at the Academy of Women Emerging for female entrepreneurs, and the author of Families Under Financial Stress: Tools to Strengthen Your Relationships and Your Continual Growth.

Externs are supervised by one of Flourish’s Senior Therapists, Marcilla Tims, LMFT and Amy Couchman, LPC who have 18-22 years of experience, incredible clinical skills and formal training in clinical supervision.

Application Process:

Extern must be available to begin by December 2018 or January 2019. Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume indicating WHICH license candidate is working towards and how many hours (if any) they have already accrued towards licensure. Applications may be submitted via email to Admin Assist Samantha Harris at Admin@FlourishCounseling.com. Phone screenings will be conducted in October and in person interviews will be conducted in November 2018. Letters of recommendation will be requested from candidates who are invited to interview.