Today I have 4 questions for those of you who have been experiencing stress as a result of the current political climate.

Question #1

Could there be a potential benefit to either you or your community for you to be engaged on political issues here in 2018? Yes or no?

Question #2

If you allow yourself to become disengaged this year, will it be likely to benefit you and is it likely to benefit the causes that you are passionate about if you’re disengaged?

Question #3

What is your current level of apathy? We are just over a year into this administration and apathy is a tremendously immobilizing feeling that causes us to want to disengage out of discouragement, and out of belief that our opinions and our activism don’t have any impact at all. So, what is your current level of apathy and can you make a conscious choice about whether or not you withdraw from political issues this year or whether or not you remain engaged? Instead of perhaps allowing your apathy to unconsciously make the choice for you. Every runner knows that what’s required to run a marathon is very different than what’s required to run a sprint. So, here we are, just over a year into this administration with a ways left to go.

Question #4

Would it be beneficial to you to have an accountability buddy? Someone who could cheer you on and hold you accountable for reaching the finish line? This could be a friend, a coach, whoever you choose. You can give them a couple of intentions of “Here’s what I want to do this year, here’s how I want to show up and handle my political beliefs,” and then they get to hold you accountable and check in with you and make sure that you’re following through with what you said you would do. Would that be beneficial to you or not?

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