Right now I have a lot of family, friends, and clients who are single who did not really attempt to date seriously during the pandemic. However, they are ready now! They are wanting to get out there and really find the ONE. Someone who might bring them a potential relationship to last them for quite a while. If you fit into that category, the first thing that I want you to know is that like it or not, you are the common denominator in your relationships. After a relationship ends, of course it is helpful to gain insight into what that partner did or did not do that didn’t work for you. However you also really need to take a good hard look at your role. Becoming ready for a significant relationship entails identifying your own relationship style, and then getting crystal clear on your own patterns or behaviors that maybe are not serving you so well. That allows you to make different choices while you are dating to increase the likelihood that you will have a wonderful outcome.

Couples Therapy

Now of course it is advantageous to have advanced or improved relationship skills from the very start of the relationship. As you improve your relationship skills, you also develop the ability to identify potential partners who lack those skills, enabling you to weed them out and spend your very valuable time focused instead on other people who have them. It is an effective way of up-leveling your dating game and taking and up-leveling the potential partners that you are dating as well. If you are ready to dig in to any of those things feel free reach out to Flourish’s team of relationship experts!

Relationship Advice

In addition to work with couples on their relationship dynamics, we also love working with individual clients who wish to explore and improve their personal relationship patterns. Once you have done your personal relationship work, you are poised to show up well in your future relationships!

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