Longer Rapid Momentum Sessions

Clear a chunk of time on your calendar to focus on what you need. Achieve the same level of insight and progress in a day that would take two months to achieve through traditional sessions. These 3-hour and 5-hour sessions for adults and couples allow you to take a deep dive in a short period of time.

Short breaks, a lunch break, and some strengths-based activities allow you to easily sustain your energy and focus over the course of the day. Each Rapid Momentum Session ends with an opportunity to translate your biggest epiphanies into new actionable items.

For Couples:

Intimacy & Synergy:

Turbo-charge the physical chemistry between you with a powerful dose of education.  Find light hearted ways to connect, share sensuality and deepen romance. Learn how to “game the system” to enhance desire and libido. Learn more about this series here.

Relationships that Not Only Last But THRIVE:

You and your partner can progress through our research-based relationship curriculum more aggressively. This Rapid Momentum Session allows you to diffuse conflict more quickly, to begin to repair a struggling relationship, and to shift towards deeper understand and a more secure connection.

A Customized Session to Meet Your Unique Needs

For Individuals:

Upgrading Your Relationship Software

This series of 2 Intensives is a great fit for busy and motivated men who dislike the idea of attending therapy every week for months, whose career obligations prevent frequent sessions, and whose partners are eager for them to gain new insights into themselves.

In Intensive One you and your therapist will locate and “uninstall” your old relationship operating systems, identifying the origins of what isn’t working for you (or your partner). In Intensive Two you’ll install three new “operating systems” that support greater self-awareness and more emotionally availability.

A Mega Dose of Empowerment

This Intensive was designed for the woman who’s craving more support and confidence. It incorporates time to share your challenges with opportunities to receive education from your coach on new tools that will support you in shifting. Your therapist/coach will also use a neuroscience technique called Resourcing to help you embody your unique talents and triumphs, so you’ll feel a boost in self-confidence going forward. (Think of it as a day at the spa for your mind and spirit.)

Get Clarity: An Operating System to SHIFT

Harness the latest brain science and the power of thoughts and energy to feel more inspired and energized.  Learn how to shift yourself out of anxiety and resentment into more effective energy.  Discover how your energy impacts you and your interactions with others, both at home and at work.  Hold your ground in the presence of difficult family members and co-workers.  This 90 minute course is available to adults, couples and businesses.  It’s taught by President Angela Sasseville, a certified SHIFT Faculty member.  It includes daily actionable items to harness and channel your energy effectively.  An 85 page workbook and an Attention and Choice Point Guide are also included.

A Personalized Intensive

One of our Senior Therapist will be happy to craft an agenda that will progress you past your personal hurdles more rapidly.

Caveats for All Intensives:


Intensives are only available with our Senior Therapists Angela, Marcilla & Amy, so please let us know up front is this is your preferred approach and we’ll do our best to pair you with one of them.


Clients who are new to Flourish must attend at least 3 regular 45 minute sessions to establish a relationship with their therapist and map out their objectives before attending an Intensive.


Package discounts, scholarships rates, and Out of Network billing are NOT available for Intensives.


Please see your therapist/coach regarding pricing and scheduling.


It’s always recommended that clients schedule Integration & Accountability sessions after their Intensive.

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