Utilizing Multiple Services

We’ll help you determine what services are best for you and your family.

What if My Family Needs More than One Therapy? ­

Flourish is proud to be the trusted resource that many clients turn to for all of their household’s therapy and coaching needs. If you feel unclear about which services you want to pursue, please feel free to ask for our recommendations. We’re happy to help you parse out which service(s) are most likely to be the best fit for you.

There’s also no pressure to have that figured out by your initial consultation. Often times, we learn so much about a new client in our first couple of sessions with them, that we can provide even more meaningful recommendations after we’ve had a chance to learn about their family circumstances in more depth.

Simultaneous Services

It’s common for a family to receive two services at Flourish simultaneously. For example, a couple addressing their relationship needs in marital therapy might also enroll their child who’s been stressed out into child or family therapy. Frequently, an adult will elect to do individual therapy or coaching to address their stress and some personal challenges, while they also engage in couples therapy with their significant other to improve their relationship.

Each Therapist/Coach Can Fill Only One Role for Your Family

The ethical codes that our team follows limits each of us to playing only ONE role in each client family. That means that in order to pursue two therapies at Flourish, two different therapists will be involved.

Seamless Collaboration if An Available Benefit

The confidentiality of therapy clients is protected by law. That means that each of our clients get to determine whether or not they wish for the Flourish team to collaborate with one another regarding the family’s dual therapies. Internal collaboration is NOT required. It’s optional. And it’s only done after our clients consent to it in writing.

With that said, most of our clients benefit greatly from authorizing us to collaborate with one another. It allows our team to educate each other on relevant issues for your household and to alert one another to any pressing concerns. Our team works seamlessly together on behalf of these clients and the collaboration adds efficiency and greater context to the process.

Pacing Services to Work with Your Budget

If dual services are financially challenging to your household, please feel free to voice your concerns to your therapist/coach. Our team can also collaborate with one another to make recommendations about the frequency of each of your two services that will work with your household’s budget while also advancing you towards your goals.

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