It's a problem when one or both of you are emotionally checked out The first sign that you need to visit a marriage counselor is if you have asked yourself if there is a “marriage counselor near me.” Outside of knowing in your heart that you and your spouse should seek counsel, many people do not know how to identify the signs that it is time to seek relationship help. It is easy to think that disagreements and relationship trials will just blow over by themselves, but that is not always the case. If you have asked yourself “where can I find a marriage counselor near me?” it does not mean that your relationship is over. It only means that it can use some help growing into a more mature marriage that will be stronger in the long run. If you are wondering how to know when to seek out a marriage counselor so you can more effectively communicate with your spouse, we can help. These four signs and behaviors are often indications that counsel is needed. 1. When you are scared or hesitant to speak your mind. When you can’t talk to your spouse out of fear, there is a problem with the communication between you two. Marriage should be a supportive environment where issues related to sex, money, wants, hopes and dreams are easy to talk about without feeling as though an argument may occur. We can help you and your spouse talk about your issues in an environment that is safe until you are able to do it on your own again. We can also help you and your spouse understand why is it currently a challenge. 2. When affection is used as a form of punishment or one spouse has the “upper hand” in all discussions. Withholding physical affection is not a healthy way to handle a disagreement. If you feel as though you cannot touch your spouse after an argument, your relationship may need to be explored with the help of a therapist. 3. When you think about cheating. If you are considering having an affair or you think your spouse may already be engaged in an affair, there are serious problems present in your relationship. If you are currently considering having an affair, or you think a problem like this already exists, it is important to ask yourself “should I find a marriage counselor near me?” and to act on that instinct. Even if unfaithfulness has occurred, we can help you and your spouse work through it in a healthy way and forgive one another. 4. When you and your spouse do not communicate and are living separate lives. It is important to be comfortable enough in your marriage to spend time with friends or to be alone without constantly worrying something is wrong, but when you and your spouse never spend time together, it is not a good sign. A marriage relationship should not resemble a platonic roommate situation. Seeking out marriage counseling can help you and your spouse learn how to spend time together in a way you both enjoy. It will help you become more intimate in your relationship and find passion again. If you or your spouse have concerns regarding these signs that counseling is needed, don’t hesitate to find a “marriage counselor near me”. We can help you work through any problems that exist and grow closer together again. Even if you feel as though you and your spouse have a great marriage relationship, it can be helpful and even fun to seek out counsel every now and again. You will be surprised by what you can learn about your spouse during a visit.