Executive Coaching

Scaling companies is always complex and tends to be stressful. Particularly if your organization is small and you simply don’t have the types of expertise and resources in-house that some of the big guys have. 

Frequently I discover that entrepreneurial organizations have a theory about what’s preventing more smooth growth and scalability and sometimes those theories simply are inadequate. What they think are the core issues are not actually the core issues. That matters a lot because clarity always proceeds to be able to take impactful action. And so, it is tremendously beneficial to those small companies to be able to bring in a fresh set of eyes and ears to help them get to the bottom of what the roadblocks are. 

Providing needs assessments like that is one of my favorite things to do for those small organizations because it also allows me to deliver actionable recommendations that they can execute to help free up those roadblocks and get them back humming along toward a  path of growth.