Get Clarity® – An Operating System to SHIFT

Discover how to harness the latest brain research and the science behind your thoughts and energy so you can spend less time in states of stress and feel inspired and energized more often.


  • Learn how to shift yourself out of any negative state to more productive energy so you can take greater control of your day.
  • Identify the impact that perception and energy have on team dynamics so you can curtail divisive patterns and enable more team building.
  • Incorporate easy ways of enhancing positivity with your team so your department perpetuates an attractive culture. 
  • Onboard quick and effective tools for better managing your energy so you can lead with clarity and intentionality.
  • Achieve a common language and operating system to handle conflict resolution and difficult conversations. 
Get Clarity® - An Operating System to SHIFT

Each participant will receive the following research-based materials: 

1) An Energy Assessment to complete 

2) A Get Clarity – SHIFT workbook and a Clarity Attention Guide 

3) Access to the step by step 45 -90 min video training 

4) Applied use and incorporation of the system and its tools during the team presentation.