Today I want to know about the dream that you have inside of you. The one that gets you so excited and looking forward toward the future, but also simultaneously scares you to death.

What is your dream?

We all have big dreams. Whether it’s a bold career pursuit that you have your eye on this year or a quiet longing for a new relationship. Regardless of what it looks like, we all have them inside of us and we need to make a conscious choice about whether or not we’re going to open them up and let them breathe or if we’re going to keep them inside stifled up and deprived of oxygen.

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My conscious choice

This year, I made a conscious choice to pursue something really big. Something that I have been wanting with every cell of my being for at least 2 years. I made a very significant financial investment to make it happen. I have spent hours and hours of my time pursuing this opportunity. I’ve also exposed myself to all sorts of levels of vulnerability by putting myself out there. The update is, shit has gotten real and pursuing that big dream has been terrifying.

I had the opportunity to completely throw in the towel this month, give up, and back away from it entirely. Fortunately, I happen to know that we can easily start out with the high vibration of enthusiasm about something and when we don’t intend to, sometimes we drop into the vibration of anxiety about it. I saw that happening in myself, so I held my field and held myself accountable for maintaining that enthusiasm. If I had allowed the fear to come over me and take over, it would’ve brought things to a halt.

I also had to have a very candid conversation with myself about what would happen if I completely abandoned my dream and gave up. What would be the likely outcome of that? The answer is I would be depressed within weeks and live with regret if I kept that dream bottled up inside of me.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Any time we have the courage to step out of our comfort zone and stretch into something bigger, it allows us to expand as individuals. It allows our lives to become more expansive, dynamic, interesting places to live.

My question for you is – Are you going to keep your dream bottled up inside of you? Will you run the risk of dying with that dream still stuck inside of you? Or, are you ready to take the top off and let it out for air and see what you could do to allow it to expand?

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