Of all of the entrepreneurs that I get to work with in my line of work, I would have to say that every single one of them is rather creative and rather passionate. They tend to be individuals that had so much passion for a product, a service, a possibility, that they just refused to give up and they converted that passion into a successful business through a lot of hard work and a lot of determination. It is always fun for me to work with entrepreneurs because they are my kindred spirits. When I was a kid growing up in a family full of self-employed individuals, If we wanted to close the family business to customers on Wednesday afternoons so we could go to the lake and go water skiing when no one else was there in the middle of the day, well then we got to do it. 

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

That’s just the type of ethos of entrepreneurship that I grew up with. I also believe that being an entrepreneur and a small business owner is an incredible privilege because we get to create organizations that exist in service to our dreams.  And yet I know that so many entrepreneurs struggle with the fact that their companies grow, they take off with success, they become more and more unwieldy, then the business owner finds themselves in service to the organization instead of the other way around.  If that is where you find yourself lately my friend, we talk about our Executive Coaching for Entrepreneurs or or Entrepreneurial Therapist. To learn more about the coaching services Flourish has to offer click here.