The Process for Couples Therapy at Flourish Counseling & Coaching

Like all good things in life – your education, your home, your family – relationship therapy does require an investment of time, energy and financial resources. However, the relationship needs that you’ll be identifying and addressing won’t change much over the course of time. So the insights and tools that you’ll gain during this process will become a reliable compass, guiding you towards fulfillment and greater understanding for many years to come.

A Customized Approach to Marriage Counseling:

Your therapist will develop a customized plan of issues to address to meet your unique needs and frustrations. Our goal is always to empower you with the awareness and skills that you need so you can “graduate” from therapy. However, here’s a general outline of what to expect from the process of relationship therapy at Flourish and our proprietary relationship curriculum that our couples often use for effective homework assignments: Module 1: Assessing the negative cycle in your relationship, identifying your needs, strengths and concerns. Just as a doctor needs to do an examination before prescribing a treatment for a medical issue, the first few sessions allow your therapist to get to know you and assess the core problems and strengths in your relationship. Your therapist will be working to gain your trust and you should feel increasingly comfortable with them as therapy progresses. In order to jumpstart momentum and relief, we recommend that your first 5 sessions be conducted as soon as possible. Feedback Session:  Around your 5th session, your therapist will provide you with their formal feedback and recommendations. Module 2: Identifying Each Partner’s Relationship Style Module 3: De-escalating Conflict & Improving Communication Module 4: Identifying How Your Childhood Shaped Your Relationship Needs as an Adult Module 5: Increasing Your Emotional IQ Module 6: Becoming Whole & Secure This stage in couples’ therapy is the hardest and the most important. Couples who quit therapy before completing this stage place the relationship at risk of back sliding into their negative cycle in the future. It involves taking a deeper look at yourself as well as gaining a deeper understanding of your partner.
Module 7: Co-Creating Intimacy, Fondness, & Life Dreams This stage is the icing on the cake!  Feeling connected, supported and understood, our couples find it easier to improve their physical intimacy.  Additionally, our Hot Monogamy(R)  and Intimacy & Synergy tools and programs can be integrated for couples who need to focus on intimacy.

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The Developmental Stages of Relationships

The Developmental Stages of Relationships

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